Mazan Taleb a Lebanese designer in the evening & weddings dresses. Since many years ago, I have had a passion for innovation & creativity, great love for fabrics & watching many fashion shows, to know more about the designers. I made much more efforts to develop my hobby by joining the institute of fashion design in Beirut. I nearly worked a year with a number of designers then moved to Kuwait, worked with my father(Mohammed Taleb) for two years. I got extensive experience there.

After three years I opened my new boutique in Kuwait. That was the beginning. So I welcomed many customers from different Gulf countries specially women Gulf. I have worked with many artists such as Rola Saad, Maher Halabi, Shiraz . I recently worked with Dina Hayek, Maghi Bo Gohsn and several Emirates and American, European celebrities.

With talking more about own designs which characterized with diversity & softness. And due to preferring black color I always add it for any design (spring/summer or fall/ winter).

Yearly, we produce two models of fashion, more interested in the evening, wedding dresses fields. And make designing wedding dresses according customers desires. I participated in the fashion show which is held in Kuwait, I have done many photos campaigns for my fashions in Beirut, India and Turkey. Now, I am working hard to participate in the next fashion show Alta Roma to present unique, eye- catching and interesting things.